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Effective Web Design Services:

Getting Results

Your web presence should reflect your hard-earned overall corporate, professional and personal image. We will work with you to create an effective, affordable and professional web sites befitting your corporate and personal image.

Our service offerings range from Starter Packages for those who desire a simple web presence with limited pages, to full-featured multi-media offerings for corporate customers.

Services Include:

  • Web design and styling;
  • Image scans and editing - including logo, photographs, graphics and product images;
  • Sound and music;
  • Guestbook;
  • Discussion web;
  • Registration and Search forms; 
  • Hit counter

Internet Promotion and Marketing

The purpose of a web site is to help your company meet it's stated goals and online strategy. Attractive web sits are important, but getting results, however you define results, is the primary objective for an online presence. To be successful, a web site must sparkle with relevant content, has a good layout and fast-loading pages. Above all, the site must become widely known on the internet especially by your potential customers.

We will design, create and launch successful web sites specific to your online objectives with content and graphics most relevant to potential customers of your products and services. We are also experts at web site positioning in search engines and internet directories and we will bring that expertise to bear in promoting your site once completed.

Internet Identity

A domain name - (.org, .net .ca..)- is an important part of your company's identity and corporate profile over the internet. It is indispensable to a successful promotional of your web site and you should register your identity if you have not already done so. If you prefer, we will register your domain name for you.

Web Site Maintenance

After launch your web site will need periodic updating and maintenance. After all the effort and expense that you put into your online presence, the last thing you want to do is create the impression with customers visitors to your site that your site is unattended to, and even abandoned. Periodic updates and maintenance that ensure that your site remain current, in terms of content and technology are essential to keeping new and repeat customers coming back.

For a reasonable fee, IdeasNetwork will help you with periodic updating and maintenance of your site. See our web hosting service plans  for details. 


Because no two businesses are like, the cost of designing your web site will depend on your specific requirements. We assure you, however, that we deliver one of the most cost-effective design and marketing solutions you will find anywhere. To review and order one of our Design Packages, please click here.

For a Custom Quotation, please complete our pre-proposal request form and we will provide you with an initial quote to be followed by a free consultation over the phone.

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