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Planning your company business network

Is your business planning to setup an internal network for your office or business? Link together your different departments or offices in an intranet or extranet? Connect your current or future networks to the internet to access or provide services, or to sell your products and services to the rest of the world?

If your answer to any of the above is YES, then IdeasNetwork Consulting Services can be of great value to your effort. We will guide you through the critical decisions you must make concerning your network project, including the following:

Services you Need:

What services do you need from the internet 


FTP: Standard and Passive

Web services

Remote access for sales staff

Voice, Data, Fax, VoIP


Services you Provide:

What services should you provide to the internet

Customer Support

Marketing information

Product/Services information

E-commerce and Order Fulfillment

Online Education and Training

Supply Chain Management

Appropriate Technology:

What Circuit capacity (bandwidth) do you really need to meet the services you need and the services you must provide?

What Technology is appropriate and cost-effective for your needs:


Frame Relay

Leased Point-Point Circuits

Wireless, Satellite or Cable

Providers and Equipment:

What equipment do you absolutely need for your WAN connection, and how should you go about provisioning the equipment?


Should you contract out all the work to your ISP and Telco providers, or can you do some of the work in-house with a little training and support?


Which ISP is right for your business: does the ISP support the full range of services you need, can it provide the circuit capacity for the services you must provide, and can it deliver on it's promises?


How do you best protect your internal networks and resources from the internet's dreaded hackers and crackers?

Of the Access Control Technologies available, which should you adopt in deploying a security system for your network?

We can help you design and build your network. From concepts to activation, allow us to put our experience and expertise at your service. For more information and to receive our RFP, please complete the Request Form. Or write to us: IdeasNetwork Consult.

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